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Quite simply My Grow Log is the ultimate web-based app to help you increase your grow yields. Quickly set up your garden and track as many or as few details that you would like with My Grow Log's vast amount of resources. Create your account FREE and start maximizing you next harvest right now!

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Plants: Simply manage and keep track of important information for as many plants you need.

Rooms: Add and manage as many or as few grow rooms as your grow will need.

Groups: Organize your plants further by putting them into groups by name, type, strain, etc.

Nutrients: Default nutrient types of none, veg, and flower. As well as the ability to add custom nutrient types.

Notifications: Set your account up to send you notifications to your e-mail or mobile device when plants haven't been watered in a specific time frame.

Electricity Calculator: Just like it sounds like calculate the cost of electricity in your garden.

Export: Easily export a Excel or CSV file of all the data for each plant from your grow.

Shopping List: Add what you need for you garden to a simple shopping list. Don't leave the grow store without something!

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